Hey, I’m Alexey.
I design apps, websites, systems, interfacesinteractions
and experiences.
How I created a design system that doesn’t generate more work
Using websites as an interaction prototyping tool, or how I designed a UI for DevOps
Dashboards in a real world: how to fit a lot of data on one page

About me

I fell in love with creating new things when I was still in school. I designed my first commercial logo when I was 12 and sold my first website by 14. There was no Figma, Sketch, or React back then, so I had to use Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop. A lot has changed since those times.

My other passions are computer science, engineering, and math. At some point I thought that would be my primary career path but later discovered that design brings more joy and satisfaction to me. Although this area of knowledge stayed as more of a hobby, software engineering skills proved to be useful for my design work.

Throughout my career, I was lucky to work in various environments. I worked as a team of one, designed an eSports project in a small startup, and led design in a fintech enterprise. This experience helped me understand the diversity of the design world and that there’s always more to learn.

I believe that shared values and clear communication are essential for success. My design priority is to make sure that the control of the apps and products is in the hands of the humans using them.